LeBron misses a wide open layup at the buzzer in Philippines exhibition game because his jersey was "too damn small"

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LeBron James

First he gets "dunked on" by a 15 year old and then Coach LeBron James decides to play in an exhibition game in the Philippines and misses a wide open layup at the buzzer that would have put the game into OT!

Wide open? Clutch? I thought the 4 time NBA MVP was supposed to make those shots?  Nevermind that he's the best basketball player in the world and coming off his second straight NBA champion.  So what's the excuse from the 7 time All-NBA first teamer and 2 time NBA Finals MVP?

“The reason I missed those last two shots is because my jersey is too damn small, so forgive me”

Forgiven, Actually that is a good excuse and nobody but really immature Heat hating basketball fans that nitpick at every aspect of LeBron's game really gives a damn about LeBron making or missing a layup in a fun exhibition game.  For those Heat haters, I do have a treat for you.  I present you with porn star Jessie Rodgers giving you 6 hilarious reasons to still hate the Heat.




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