LiAngelo & LaMelo Ball Attempted A Total of 89 Shots In Latest JBA Game!

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Last week, the big story out of the JBA League wasn’t LiAngelo Ball putting up a 53-point triple-double in his Los Angeles debut but the actions of a JBA coach putting his hands on a player while threatening and cursing at him during the game. When asked about the coach by Fox 5 DC, Lavar Ball said the situation is being handled internally and seemed annoyed the media would rather talk about this instead of the Wilt-like numbers his sons had.

Via USA Today
“We’re gonna do what we need to do. It’s just the intensity of the game. It’s not like the guy has a bad character of beating up kids or something like that. But my sons just scored 171 points. Both of them had triple-doubles. Nobody talking about the positive. So you looking for anything negative about the JBA … I’m not saying, ‘OK, this guy. He’s not swinging or nothing like that.’ He’s just very intense. It just happened at a bad moment. It’s part of the game. But it’s nothing like sending guys to the military at 18. You don’t think they’re cussing at those guys?”

When asked if a coach had done the same thing to one of his sons, LaVar said.

“I’d knock him out. How’s that? Violence shall be met with violence … Like I said, I’m not condoning this at all.”

On Friday, the JBA took their show to Dallas and played a game that made recent NBA All-Star games look like the 2005 NBA Finals between the Pistons and Spurs; The LA team beat Atlanta 170 to 123 behind 48-point games by Melo and Gelo. Melo also had 24 rebounds (!?) and 14 assists (!?), while Gelo ONLY had 16 boards with 8 dimes. And here’s the stat that’s really going to blow you away: the brothers attempted a total of 89 shots!

LaMelo Ball: 48 PTS (18-35 FG, 7-18 3PT, 5-5 FT)
LiAngelo Ball: 48 PTS (19-54 FG, 5-24 3PT, 5-9 FT)

FYI, there’s only been four instances of a player in the NBA attempting 50+ shots and three of those four games were basically 60-point games against real professional players.

Wilt Chamberlain: 63 PTS (27-58 FG)
Kobe Bryant: 60 PTS (22-50 FG)
Wilt Chamberlain: 59 PTS (25-50 FG)
Rick Barry: 48 PTS (17-50 FG)

Despite the brothers putting up the ball that many times, their teammate Niles Malone was still able to get off 28 shots (made 11) for his 32 points. Atlanta got a team-high 41 points (19-39 FG) from Corey Boyd.

Here’s the jaw-dropping box score from the game followed by video evidence.