Lonzo Ball vs Ben Simmons Passing Compilation

Lonzo Ball was exceptional during the (very) overhyped Summer League. And I’ve been saying he has the passing skills to warrant a Jason Kidd and Magic Johnson comparison years before he ever put on a pair of Big Baller shoes…or Kobe shoes..or James Harden shoes, etc, etc. But! When I heard people saying we haven’t seen a player with height and passing skills like him in years, I was thinking, “Don’t you remember what #1 pick Ben Simmons, who is nearly 7-feet tall, was doing in last year’s Summer League?” The answer is “of course not” because we didn’t treat the summer league like it was the playoffs last season and because we all live in the moment with trending hashtags.

So to celebrate Lonzo’s great summer and to remind people why Simmons was the #1 pick and will be battling Lonzo (and probably his Dad on social media) and teammate Markelle Fultz for Rookie of the Year honors, let’s take a look at a montage of Ball and Simmon’s passing ability.