Michael Adams with the double behind the back pass to Larry Johnson

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Michael Adams Larry Johnson

Pass at :34! Players don't get much more underrated than Michael Adams.  The 5'10 3rd round pick of the 85 draft with the "ugliest golden shot ever" played 11 years in the league and was first or 2nd in made 3 point goals for 4 consecutive years.

He also had an amazing statistical season in 1990 when he averaged a ridiculous 27 points and 11 assists a game for the Denver Nuggets. Here’s a few monster games he put up that season with his herky jerky push shot.

  • 54pts 9ast vs Bucks
  • 44pts 10ast vs Kings
  • 45pts 12ast vs Nets
  • 39pts 12ast vs Rockets
  • 22pts 18ast vs Clippers
  • 37pts 14ast vs Mavs
  • 31pts 17ast vs Celtics
  • 31pts 16ast vs Hawks
  • 35pts 9ast 7stls 9 3p vs Clippers

Adams’ final season was with the Charlotte Hornets in 1995/96.  He only averaged 15 minutes in 21 games that year but did give fans one last great game on his birthday in 1996 when he scored a season high 14 points and 12 assists vs the Miami Heat.  He also gave us the awesome behind the back assist (and travel) in the Vine clip above.


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