Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen & Charles Barkley React to Kobe's Team USA Comments

Kobe Bryant went on record a couple of days ago and said that he thinks the 2012 Team USA team could have a chance to beat the 1992 Dream Team. It's garnered a lot of debate and reactions from all across the internet and the media world. However I personally do not have anything against Kobe's statement for a number of reason. First and foremost, Kobe has been the most competitive player in the league for quite some time now and to expect him to say otherwise would be even more surprising. 2nd, he didn't say the current USA team would definitely beat the Dream Team, he just said he thinks they have a chance, which they do. The 1992 Dream Team lost to a bunch of college players which means just like every great team that has ever been assembled, they are beatable. In a series of 10 games, the Dream Team would probably win 7/10 against the current USA team meaning they are by far the better team but at the same time the current team would be able to get a few wins against them.

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Charles Barkley, all players from the original Dream Team have come out and expressed their opinions about the matter and here's what each of them had to say.

Michael Jordan:

Jordan's "we didn't learn from them, they learned from us" comment isn't really a valid argument and really means nothing besides a cop-out. Also it's safe to say that at least 8 of the guys will eventually go down as Hall of Fame players.

Scottie Pippen:

Scottie keeping it respectable, not much to say.

Charles Barkley:

"Oh yeah, that's no disrespect," Barkley said. "I ain't got to badmouth them. But like I said, their point guards weren't going to beat us. That's a no-brainer. "

Barkley also brushed aside Bryant's comments about the Dream Team's age.

"I just started laughing," Barkley said. "How old is Kobe Bryant? He's 34? And he's calling us old? At the time, we were only like 28, 29. Michael Jordan and me were the same age. We were both 29. ...

"Other than Kobe, LeBron (James) and Kevin Durant, I don't think anybody else on that team makes our team."

First of all Barkley is crazy to say that the point guards on the current team weren't going to beat them. After our 3 spot, the point guard position is where we would give them the most trouble. Could you imagine John Stockton and a retired Magic Johnson trying to keep up with CP3, Westbrook and Deron?



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