NBA Players React To Gordon Hayward's Horrific Injury

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Gordon Hayward LeBron James

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This is proof the NBA is a brotherhood. Within minutes after Gordon Hayward broke his left ankle five minutes into his Celtics debut, over 40 NBA players took to Twitter to share their support and prayers for him. By the end of the game, it seemed like half the league had posted a message.

The horrific-looking accident happened when Hayward and LeBron James made contact while Hayward was trying to catch an alley-oop pass. Hayward landed on his leg, causing it to snap sideways.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to Gordon's family. Hope for a speedy recovery, a healthy recovery," James said after the game. "Those are the injuries that you never see coming, you never want to happen, no matter who it is, no matter what the stature, no matter how much competitive nature that you have. It's just very unfortunate."