Paul George Rips Refs After Ejection & Gerald Henderson Cheap Shots

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Gerald Henderson Jr. Paul George

Gerald Henderson was doing everything he could to piss off Paul George on Monday night.

Midway through the fourth quarter of the Pacers and 76ers game, Henderson pulled George to the ground hoping to bait the refs into calling a foul on George. The refs called a foul on Henderson and both he and George were given techs for basically just staring at each other.

Then with a little more than three minutes in regulation, George elbowed Henderson in the back after a bucket. Henderson took exception to the hit and hit George in the face on a drive. The refs hit Henderson with a flagrant foul type 2 and Paul George with a technical for once again staring at Henderson.

"We warned (the refs) all night what (Henderson) was going to do, stuff he was doing and they allowed the shit" George said. "He was throwing jabs, throwing punches at my stomach all night and I didn't retaliate until late in the game when they weren't doing shit about it. So he pulled me down and I get double tech for doing nothing. And then he throws an elbow at my neck and I get another tech for nothing. I have no respect for the officiating. It was a shitty officiating job.

"For whatever reason he doesn't like getting scored on by me," Said George when asked if he had any history with Gerald. "Every time he's at home I guess that's when he feels confident. He's sweet on the road but at home is when he gets some nuts.

Here's Henderson's side of the story.

"He elbowed me in the back and I elbowed him coming back down the other end," Henderson said. "As I came off the screen I knew contact was coming so I tried to bump him. I didn't try to hit him in the face, but that's exactly what happened."