Remembering Kobe Bryant's Streak Of 50-Point Games In 2007


We tend to live in the moment. The latest album by Kanye is one of the best albums ever until a week later when we realize it wasn't even one of his best albums. Then a month goes by and we realize we forgot Kanye even released an album. We forgot because we were too consumed with learning the latest dance, using the latest app, watching the new best movie of the decade or raving about how Steph Curry is scoring points like nobody in NBA history. Then a new dance goes viral, a better app comes out, someone reminds you of the hundred or so better films that came out in the last 10 years and then a Kobe Bryant fan says "that's cute" when you talk about some current scoring streak. He then says, let's flashback to March of 2007, starting with the date of 03.16.07.


On the 16 of that March, Kobe Bryant celebrated the 35th anniversary of Kareem Abdul Jabbar's only 50 point game by scoring 50 plus 15 more against the Blazers. It was Kobe's second-highest scoring performance ever and his third 60+ performance.

The stat that stands out the most in this game was his 8-of-12 from downtown, which included three clutch 3-pointers in the final two minutes of regulation.

Final Stats: 65pts, 7rebs, 3asts, 3stls (23-39 fg, 8-12 3pt, 11-12 ft)


After a much needed day of rest, Kobe faced off against KG and the Wolves, dropped 50 and became the first Laker with consecutive 50-point games since Elgin Baylor had three in a row back in 1962. It was also just the third instance of back-t0-back 50-point games in the last 10 years: Allen Iverson (2004) and Antawn Jamison (2000, which included a game where Kobe also scored 50) were the other two.

Final Stats: 50pts, 6rebs, 3asts, 3stls (17-35 fg, 4-9 3pt, 12-14 ft)


Four days after celebrating his back-to-back 50 point games, Kobe Bryant dropped 60 on the Memphis Grizzlies, tied Elgin Baylor's 45-year-old record and joined him, Wilt and MJ as the only players to ever score 50+ in three straight games. The 60 was also a franchise record against the Grizz and four more than his 56 -- in just three quarters -- against the club back in 2002.

If averaging 58.3 points a game over three wasn't amazing enough, Bryant was also shooting 54% while scoring more than half the Lakers points during the streak.

Final Stats: 60pts, 5rebs, 4asts, 0stls (20-37 fg, 3-7 3pt, 17-18 ft)


One night after making history against the Grizzlies, Kobe joined Wilt as the only player in NBA history with four consecutive 50-point games.

The best three points of the 50 came in the third quarter, when he told a kid on the sideline he was going to hit a three for him, did it and gave the boy a high-five.

After the game, Kobe talked about his latest accomplishment and how it benefits the younger generation, ignorant of the legends before him.

"It's a tremendous honor for me to be in the same (category) with those guys," Bryant said. "The coolest thing about it is this younger generation gets a chance to learn about Elgin Baylor, gets a chance to learn about Wilt Chamberlain and some of the things that they've accomplished so that the legacy will continue to live on."

Final Stats: 50pts, 7rebs, 1asts, 0stls (16-29 fg, 2-5 3pt, 16-16 ft)


All good things must come to an end and on March 25th -- nine days after the streak started -- Kobe's 50-point game streak ended....but barely. Bryant scored 17 points in the first nine minutes of the game and outscored Jason Richardson 43-to-9 as the Lakers extended their win streak to five by beating the Warriors by two.

After the game, Warriors coach Don Nelson joked they "held him to 43, by God" and Bryant joked that he had an "off-night."