Remembering When 5'9 Dunk Legend T-Dub Ruled The Internet

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Zach LaVine


Flashback 8 years ago. Before the whole online basketball mixtape phenomenon. Before ballers had fans because of their YouTube mixes. Before YouTube even had widescreen HD videos. Before Zach LaVine could even dunk. You had Terry Cournoyea aka T-Dubb aka creator of the "Double Up Dunk (between the legs over a person)"

Type in any variation of “greatest dunker ever” or “best dunker in the world” in YouTube and multiple old videos will pop up showcasing a 5’9 freak of nature named T-Dub.  Some of these videos have up to 17 million views and all of them are jaw-dropping.

And if you know anybody who has ever been lucky enough to hang around T-Dub, ask them to tell you "what's your funniest T-Dub story."  All I can say is they are as unbelievable as a 5'9 guy jumping off two feet from almost the free throw line and dunking with his head near the rim without stretching or warming up.