Remembering When Jamal Crawford Scored 63 With A Game-Winner In Front Of Kobe Bryant

You could say I was a little pissed when I landed back home in Houston, Texas on July 19th of 2014. I had just spent the previous 24 hours in Seattle to check out a Seattle Pro-Am game (now known as The Crawsover League) and to do an interview with one of my favorite players, Jamal Crawford. The interview was great (video below) and he and Isaiah Thomas put on a nice show at the Pro-Am. I left the following morning feeling like I had just crossed out an item on my bucket list. Then I landed and looked at my text messages:

Gary Payton is here.
Kobe just showed up!!!
Jamal introduced Kobe as "this generation's Michael Jordan."
Jamal Crawford has 60 points!
40+ in the 2nd half!
63 and GAME WINNER!!

Yeah, I missed all of that. The hour-long drive from the airport to my house felt longer than any other airport trip I've ever taken and I've driven in-laws through rush hour traffic and Houston rush hour traffic is as bad as any in the country.

Later that night I saw this tweet...

Oh well, I missed this game but I feel blessed to have watched Kobe since his high school days and not only was able to attend his final game in the NBA, I actually flew in Kobe's helicopter before the game. As for Jamal, I've had the pleasure of watching him since his Michigan days, having a few conversations with him (mainly about inspiring the youth and Seattle hip-hop like Kid Sensation) over the past few years and knowing that I'll probably get to watch him play in the NBA for the next 2, 3, 4, ? years.

So I'm good.

Here's the video I ended up making from the time I spent with Jamal...before he went off for 63 points and hit a game-winner in front of Kobe Bryant.