Robin Lopez Slaps Chris Paul In The Face, CP3 Responds with 14 Points In The Quarter

Chris Paul was just 1 of 8 in the first half against the Knicks. Then in the 3rd quarter, he got fired up after taking a hit in the mouth by Robin Lopez - annoyed because he spent the first half watching DeAndre Jordan put on a dunkfest.

After the slap, Jordan pushed Lopez and was rewarded with his 8th tech of the season.

"I was just upset," DJ said. "Chris is the smallest dude on the floor, you know what I'm saying? So we've got to protect him."

DJ wasn't the only teammate ready to protect their point guard: Austin Rivers jumped off the bench and was "held back" by coach Sam I Am (insert your own Rivers joke here).


Once Lopez was ejected and the game got on it's way, Chris Paul proceeded to kill the Knicks with 14 of his 16 points in the quarter.

The Clippers would go on to win by 28.