Jay-Z surprises Skylar Diggins with a Mercedes / Surprising WNBA Salaries


Considering rookies in the WNBA are paid a minimum of $35,190 a gift in the form of a Mercedes is a pretty nice bonus. That's the bonus Jay-Z and his Roc Nation representation gave their very talented and pretty client Skylar Diggins.

It might surprise some to hear that the average WNBA salary is "only" $72k and legends in the league like Lisa Leslie and the "female Michael Jordan" Sheryl Swoopes were making less than $100k a year. Β Those salaries, as well as a drop in audience attendance, is a big reason why so many WNBA players continue to go overseas. Even with WNBA bonuses like $15k for MVP, $5k for ROY (sorry Skylar, it's going to be tough to beat out Griner) and $2,500 for an All-Star team appearance, it probably wont push any of them into another tax bracket.

The good news for the most marketable women like Candace Parker, who has deals with Adidas and Gatorade, is endorsements can put their worth in the millions (approx $3 for CP) and with Skylar's game, looks on and off the court and Roc Representation, I expect her to be one of those rare women basketball players hanging with the millionaire boys club.

In the meantime, I'm sure she's going to enjoy the ride - literally.

Source: Investopedia





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