Eric "Sleepy" Floyd scores 51 (29 in a quarter & 38 in a half) vs the Lakers

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May 10th of 1987, All-Star Eric "Sleepy" Floyd scored 51 points (on a ridiculous 18-of-26 shooting) and dished out 10 assists in a memorable 129-121 win over the Lakers in Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals.

After three mediocre games with a total of 44 points in three losses to the Lakers, Sleepy woke up and blew up for 51 points, which included a playoff record 29 points in a quarter and another playoff record of 39 points in a half. In the 29-point quarter, he also racked up a playoff record 12 (consecutive) field goals.

"The most incredible feeling I've ever had at a sporting event," wrote a San Francisco Chronicle columnist, "was watching Eric 'Sleepy' Floyd score 29 points in a quarter against the Lakers in the NBA Playoffs in the late '80s. I was a member of the media, trying to stay cool at the press table.

"But the hair on my neck was standing. I was holding my head in disbelief. Incredible. Electric."

Floyd followed up this masterpiece with 18 points and 11 assists but it wasn't enough to get the Warriors another win.


Floyd was traded to the Rockets at the beginning of the following season and averaged between 14-19 points a game for five seasons. He played two more seasons (Spurs & Nets) afterward before retiring in 1995 as one of the most underrated scorers of the 80s.



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  1. I remember being there too, seeing Sleepy that game go into a zone we had not seen before in the Coliseum and not again until Steph lit it up and of course Klay's 37 point quarter. But that game gave us all a chance to shut up them dang Lakers, which was one of the best teams ever. Saying Sleepy's game was electric is a valid description and for a SF sportswriter to rank it as all time in the days of Montana-Rice, followed later by Barry Bonds, is saying something. Awesome performance, Sleepy and thanks for at least temporarily shutting up the Lakers.

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