So 11 year old girls in the 5th grade are dunking in games now?

I'm not trying to sound sexist and I don't suffer from ageism either but the sight of an 11-year-old girl in the 5th grade dunking is just shocking to me.  I don't care if she's 6'1" (wait, this 11-year old is 6'1"?!), because I know 6'0" men who workout regularly and struggle to touch the bottom of the net.  I don't care if the rim she dunked on is only 9 foot, because I know guys that play basketball every week and struggle to dunk on the 9-foot goals in their backyard.  She's just 10 years old! I give my 10-year-old daughter multiple high-fives every time she makes a layup. Ashyln Watkins threw down a 2-hand dunk with such ease in this youth basketball game in South Carolina that I wouldn't be shocked if she could almost dunk on 10 right now.  If she can't, I wouldn't be surprised to hear she was dunking by the time she gets to middle school.  Middle school!?  I'm done.

I'm assuming the duo of her and 10-year old Jaden Newman could win a lot of milk money at local playgrounds.