Steph Curry & Draymond Green Get Away With One Of The Craziest Inbound Plays Ever...And A Travel?

Steph Curry is so good he doesn't even need a teammate to throw the ball to him on an inbounds play; all he needs is a body standing out of bounds.

During the Warriors win over Wilt Drummond and the Pistons on Monday night, Curry tossed the ball off of an oblivious Draymond Green, who was complaining to a ref, who seemed as confused as I was after the inbound play.  Curry even seemed confused and while waiting to see if the ref was going to make a call since the ball hit the line, he also ended up getting away with a travel or palming violation. Of course, a whistle wasn't blown because the ref was too busy trying to figure out what just happened or just doing his best to ignore everything since Green was yapping at him.

Oh well, Warriors wins despite only 6 points from Green and "only" 22 points from the Chef.


Source: Deadspin | Photos: (AP Photo/Ben Margot)