Steph Curry Throws Down Alley-oop Dunk From Ayesha Curry During Asia Tour

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Steph Curry

Relationship goals. I say that every time I see Steph and Ayesha Curry together and recently that’s been a lot. Just this past weekend, I saw them cooking food together on her Food Network show, then I saw him telling her he was trying to get her in the Mile-High Club on the HBO show Ballers, and now she’s throwing lobs to him during his SC30 Asia Tour.

Here’s an amusing compilation video of the couple that starts off with her showing off her three-point touch.

And if you are more interested in seeing him dunk, here’s a compilation of his best in-game dunks ever (Sorry Kyle) and an amusing video of Curry throwing down some dunks and then answering Kenneth Faried’s between-the-legs dunk with his version.