Steve Nash says Kobe is a “motherf***ing A$$hole”

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For the upcoming documentary about Kobe Bryant  (I guess Spike Lee’s wasn’t enough) called Kobe Bryant’s Muse, director Gotham Chopra asked a lot of past and current teammates of Kobe to describe Bryant in 3 words.  As expected, many players tried to find the nicest things to say about him but according to Chris Ballard’s must-read SI feature, Steve Nash said what most players in the league would probably agree on.

After each interview Kobe would text Chopra, eager to hear what people said. Most answered with some variation of “the ultimate competitor” or “killer instinct.” But when Chopra asked Steve Nash, he said something different. After thinking for a moment, Nash answered, slowly, in three beats: “Mother Fucking Asshole” Kobe thought this was awesome.

I’ve personally talked to a few ex-teammates of Bryant over the years and they have told me plenty of stories that backs that up and makes you want to laugh and say that “motherfucking asshole” the way Samuel Jackson would and then there’s a few stories that would make you want to say it as if you were talking to a guy that just keyed your car.  



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