The 10 Tallest High School Basketball Players Of The Ballislife Era!! Tacko Fall, Rob Bobrowski

It's not uncommon to occasionally see a 7-foot basketball player. Check out Ballislife's unofficial top ten list of the Tallest Players in modern High School Basketball. You'll see high school basketball highlights from 7'7 Robert Bobroczky, 7'5 Tacko Fall, plus some surprises!

The list truly shows the global reach of basketball with many of the players coming from around the world to play high school ball in North America at some point. Some of the players on the list made it all the way to the NBA and some haven't (yet). If you're wondering, 2021 7-foot+ star Chet Holmgren just missed the cut!

Special thanks to and Courtside Films for some of the content!

When you get finished watching this, check out more Ballislife highlights and mixtapes from 7 footers Mamadou N'Diaye, Sim Bhullar, Connor Vanover, Harold Yu, Kai Sotto, Bol Bol, Moses Brown!

Compiled and edited by Scott Comeau for Ballislife.


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