The 2012 NBA Dunk Contest: Ranking The Dunks Worst To Best

The 2012 NBA Dunk Contest was definitely not one for the history books, but it was still entertaining enough to keep us watching and voting (4 million votes tallied). Although many dunk purists and fanatics might disagree with that statement, the casual NBA fan loved it thanks to it’s gimmicks and the many personalities involved. Let’s take a look back at the 12 dunks and rank them from worst to best.

#12 – Derrick Williams off the backboard 2 hander. No debate here.

#11 – Jeremy Evans Camera Dunk. Ok maybe you could debate this as the worst dunk but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that this wasn’t the actual dunk he was trying to do. Hey at least a lot of us got to discover that they actually make cameras you can wear for you to dunk in.

#10 – Chase Budinger Windmill. You can’t expect to impress too many people anymore by doing a regular windmill in a dunk contest. Oh he jumped from the dotted line? He’s 6’9″..

#9 – Paul George Over Roy Hibbert. Yes Roby Hibbert is 7′ tall, and yes Paul George pushed off. They both cancel each other out.

#8 – Derrick Williams windmill over the bike. Had he got it down on the first try this might have been #7, however jumping over the seat of a bike isn’t THAT impressive.

#7 – Chase Budinger White Men Can’t Jump. The theme was awesome there’s no denying that, but if you need to push off to jump over Diddy then we’re not impressed.

#6 – Jeremy Evans Mailman dunk. From a gimmick standpoint this should garner all 10’s. You’ve got Kevin Hart dressed as a mailman, you pay homage by busting out the Karl Malone jersey, then jump over the ‘mailman’ doing the mailman pose.

#5 – Chase Budinger blind fold dunk. He sold us pretty well on that miss and had everyone fooled that he couldn’t see, he gets a 50 on acting easily.

#4 – Derrick Williams off the side 360.

#3 – Paul George Larry bird sticker 180 windmill. Although this dunk didn’t look as spectacular as some others The level of difficulty was off the charts.

#2 – Paul George 360 windmill glow in the dark. Could he even see the rim?

#1 – Jeremy Evans 2 Ball alley-oop over Gordon Haywood. This is one of the more difficult dunks in the history of the contest. Jeremy cleared Haywood (without pushing off) and managed to grab both balls and timed both balls perfectly for the finish.

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