The Legend God Shammgod Joins Dallas Mavs Coaching Staff

To many, God Shammgod is almost more myth than man. People hear his name when the "Shammgod" crossover is made in a game but they have never  heard his name in a game. People share stories about how Kobe, in 11th grade, learned some of his moves from him but they don't have any stories about the man himself making those moves. The reason why is because Shammgod only played one season in the NBA - after being drafted by Washington with the 45th pick in the 97 draft - then spent the following decade playing everywhere from China to Poland to Saudi Arabia to Kuwait.

In 2012, he returned to Providence college, where he set the Big East Freshman Assist record, and not only became a mentor, trainer and teacher for young up-and-coming basketball stars like Wolves rookie Kris Dunn, but a student again. And in 2015, he finished what he started 20 years earlier by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership Development.

Now the 40-year old trendsetter is ready to make another return; a return to the NBA. Last week, CBS Sports reported Shammgod would be leaving his role as graduate assistant at Providence to join the Dallas Maverick's coaching staff as assistant of player development.

I'm sure Shammgod will do well in Dallas and I also believe this opportunity is just a step towards bigger opportunities in another chapter in the story of how Shammgod went from being the man to a myth to a respected man/walking legend.


"Man, I'm blessed. For me to still be relevant right now, I'm blessed. They say great people have one name. Right now I fit into that category. Nobody can ever mistake Shammgod for somebody else. You know, like a Kobe, a Jordan, or a Tupac. I'm honored, I'm blessed. They did a poll asking kids under the age of 14 who they would remember most from the 1997 NBA draft, and I was a close second, behind Tim Duncan.