The Top 10 Videos of Grayson Boucher aka The Professor


Grayson Boucher aka The Professor is a 5’10″ basketball player who has never played a minute in the NBA but has a bigger following than most of the players in the league. He’s been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He's been on the cover of a video game. He's been in multiple movies and was the lead actor in a film with Ludacris and Academy Award winner Melisa Leo. He has a basketball card. He's one of the biggest reasons why "Streetball” became marketable and profitable for it's players and the show STREETBALL became one of ESPN’s most viewed shows ever. He's appeared in numerous commercials. He's traveled around the world playing alongside NBA legends like Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady. He was the star and co-creator of one of the most popular viral sports videos of all-time: Spider-Man Basketball. And he's been doing this since the early 2000s.

How is that for a resume?

That resume owner turns a year old today and still looks like that kid who used to break ankles while wearing shorts that would almost come down to his ankles. To celebrate the favorite player of Doctors and rehab centers that get to treat his victims for ankle and knee injuries, here's our 10 favorite videos of The Professor.




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