Tony Parker’s Best Dunks & Rap Videos

In honor of Tony Parker’s birthday today, we present the best dunks and rap videos by the four-time NBA champion and international “Stickman.”

You have to go back a few years to remember Tony Parker throwing down dunks in games and about 8 years to remember his rap album ‘TP’.  The album was in French and never officially released in the US. A similar thing happened to Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant’s albums but they can’t use the language excuse since their (pretty awful) albums were in English.

Before we get to Parker’s “hops” and bars, here’s a birthday flashback pic during his days with Eva Longoria



This championship celebration freestyle is by far the best of his rap videos. It gets bonus points for featuring a young Manu with a full head of hair and Brent Barry dancing and cracking on his son.








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