UNLV’s Dakota Gonzalez Showing Off Her Sweet Shot Vs San Jose State

UNLV’s Dakota and Dylan Gonzalez aka The Gonzalez Twins off the court and DYL-KOTA in the music studio, have been favorites of ours for the past couple of years. And for the most part, our followers have been respectful to the posts about the beautiful ballers, but there’s always those few. The few, who refuse to believe these girls can actually ball. The same few, who have never seen a boxscore from one of their games or a second of video footage of them on the court. So we decided to do something about that.

On Wednesday night, we sent our shift team specialist (What’s up George!) to check out the Lady Rebels take on San Jose State game. ¬†Unfortunately, the Ladies took a L and Dylan struggled, but Dakota – the team’s leading scorer – had a decent game with 16 points, 7 rebounds and 3 steals in 33 minutes.

Watch the highlights above (yeah, yeah she might have traveled on the 3rd play).