2000: "Fat" Cavs' Shawn Kemp dunking all over the Raptors

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When you think of the Reign Man you think of a slim, athletic beast catching alley-oops from GP and throwing down the most vicious dunks outside of Shaq in the 90s.  But when you hear post-Seattle Shawn Kemp you probably remember the player who showed up after the NBA lockout at 300+ pounds.

Despite the extra (extra, extra) pounds, Kemp was still good for 20 a game in Cleveland and was even an all-star during his first season with the Cavs.

Here's one of his final games with the Cavs with a very plump looking Kemp dunking and scoring 22 (his 3rd straight 20 point game) against the next generation of great dunkers - TMac & Vinsanity.

During the off-season, Kemp was traded to the Jailblazers.