Women's World Championship FAIL: Girl scores on wrong basket then opposing team tries to score on their own basket

This is unacceptable.  I don't care what gender they are, how old they are or where they are from. There's no excuse for this minute of confusion. With that said, I'm going to semi-excuse the player from Slovakia because I've seen plenty of players from high school to the pros score or attempt to score on their own basket.  What I've never seen is a player score on their own basket and then the other team inbound the ball and go down the court, as a team, and try to score on their own basket.

So this is what happened at the Under-17 Women's FIBA World Championships (yes Championships).  Mexico was shooting 2 free throws and clanked them both.  A player on the opposing team grabbed the miss and passed it to one of her teammates (who was standing behind the free throw shooter the whole time) who got real excited when she found herself wide open for a layup. She makes the layup...for the other team although the scorekeepers didn't give it to Mexico eventhough they needed every point they could get since they were down by 18.

What was supposed to happen next was a bunch of the girls on the Mexican team were supposed to smile about it and then get back on D but instead they inbounded the ball and passed the ball around a couple of times as they dribbled down the court and prepared to score...on their own basket!

Slovak Republic would end up winning 54-36.

I guess it could have been worse - like scoring the game winning shot for the opposing team.






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