Words of Wisdom from Grayson "The Professor" Boucher on Success and Effort


Ballup's Grayson Boucher, better known to most of you all a ankle-breaking And1 legend "The Professor," didn't get his nickname from teaching kids lessons off the court but here's some words of advice from the man that deserves a podium full of full of young kids and ballers that want to be successful.

Young, decent and elite hoopers pay attention... 1 of a few major differences between players who succeed in the game(college/pro) and players who have just good high school careers is that the players who succeed bring a high level of intensity to EVERY GAME.

Don't be the guy who only brings his A game in certain games then in other games is just average. Those are the players who you hear say, "I was killing so and so and he ended up going pro. Shoot, they should have gave me a shot." The truth is NO they shouldn't have. You had your chance and were not consistent. You failed to bring it EVERY game. You have to be able to have a GOOD or GREAT game 80% or 90% of the time to be elite and get opportunities in this game. Thats 1 major difference between the dude who just plays highschool and the dude who plays juco.. the dude who only plays juco and the dude who goes Division 1... the dude who only plays Division 1 and the dude who plays over seas.. ect.

There's guys with decent potential who will play against elite players and go 300% all the sudden because they know the elite player is tough. They end up hitting shots they never hit, pull of moves they never usually can. D up twice as hard. But little do they know, if they can do this one game that means they have the ability to bring that intensity EVERY game. But the reality is most fail to do that. It takes extra time in the gym, extra jumpers, have to be in great shape, study the game, be willing to be uncomfortable. All things that AREN'T easy.

Conclusion: DONT be that guy. Bring your A game intensity EVERY game! You may not have a great game always but you'll give yourself a better shot at succeeding.

Hope everyone's week is blessed.



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