5'10 Young Hollywood does a between the legs dunk over 6'10 Blake Griffin at Jordan Brand event

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Blake Griffin was at the Santa Monica Place Central Courtyard Saturday night to promote the new Super Fly 2 sneakers, Blake App and Lift Off campaign for Jordan Brand but it was 5'10" Haneef "Young Hollywood" Munir that stole the show when he made a between the legs dunk over the 6'10" Blake Griffin.

We have seen, in person, Young Hollywood put on some crazy performances such as winning the Sprite Showdown Finals at All-Star weekend in LA in front of LeBron James or when he jumped over a mascot and pulled off the same dunk without stretching or any warm up dunks during a Nuggets half-time show but jumping over the foot taller Blake might go down as the best contest dunk of the year.

Blake did get a preview of Young Hollywood late last year when he won the Red Bull Dunk Contest in front of Griffin.

 Ballislife | Young Hollywood over Blake Griffin

(Look at that smiling idiot behind LeBron between the 3-7 second mark)

Ballislife | Jordan Brand Blake Griffin Event

Ballislife | Blake Griffin at Jordan Brand Event

Pictured: AirDogg, Jonsey, Blake, Young Hollywood and Kenny Dobbs

Another angle of the dunk by Dunkademics.


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