10 Minutes of DeMarcus Cousins aka “The Third Splash Brother” Shooting Threes

The video above shows the moment DeMarcus Cousins became a Golden State Warrior and a snake in the eyes of some angry NBA fans. To others, the video shows the moment the rest of the league and civilization realized injuries or an act of God are probably the only two things that will prevent the defending champs from enjoying June more than every other team.

Boogie is not only a huge upgrade (that’s a huge understatement) over new Laker JaVale McGee and still “clumsy” Zaza Pachulia, the All-NBA center also gives the biggest three-point threat in NBA history another 3-point option. Over the past two seasons, the “Third Splash Brother (as Steph Curry would say)” averaged 2.1 threes a game and had more games with 5+ three-pointers (9) than any other center; Brook Lopez is second with 6, Marc Gasol has 4 and Channing Frye has 3. Frye is also the only center in NBA history with more 5+ threes games than Boogie.

And here’s 10 minutes of Boogie knocking down threes, followed by a video of Charles Barkley (who doesn’t like Boogie) and Shaq saying they want Boogie to stop shooting so many threes. Sorry Chuck and Shaq, the only thing that’s going to stop Boogie from shooting is when he gets ejected or takes an early seat because the Warriors are blowing out the other team.