2011 TNT Christmas Intro is still the Greatest NBA Season Intro Ever

When the first NBA games debuted on TV on Christmas of 2011, most hoop fans were still angry about the lockout. Then the first black and white image of the dynasty Celtics running onto the court with Paul Pierce came on and we went from angry and anxious to confused.

Then we saw Magic and Kobe together.

As the voice of Drew Holcomb came in over other visuals of past and present greats together we were in hoop heaven. By the time Drazen Petrovic appeared as Holcomb says "live forever," we were fighting back tears.

The video still gives me chills and I still consider it to be the best NBA Season Intro ever.  It was the perfect apology to every basketball fan who was upset about the lockout and needed a reminder of why they love this game.

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