6'2 Lindell Wigginton's Jaw Dropping NCAA Dunk Of The Year Candidate

This has been a pretty great week for highlights. Between James Harden licking his lips after breaking Wesley Johnson's ankles to LeBron James pulling off a behind-the-back-between-the-legs of Tristan Thompson dribble to the thought of JR Smith trying to hit Damon Jones with a bowl of soup to this dunk of the year candidate by Iowa State's Lindell Wigginton, basketball fans have had a lot of reasons to celebrate the joy of basketball (and the memes that come from it) over the past few days.

This murder attempt was so nasty it had his teammates, the opponents, the cheerleaders (check out the expression on the cheerleader's faces at the end of the replay), fans and the FBI in attendance with their mouth wide open. What makes this dunk by the college freshman even more impressive is Wigginton is just 6'2" and the highlight was the play of the game even though his team lost (by the same amount of points he scored: 20) and the opposing team had ESPN darling Trae Young (15 points) on it.

If you want to see some more highlights of Wigginton, here he is putting up 29 points (10-16 FG, 6-11 3PT) against UCLA freshman Jaylen Hands during a high school game we attended last year, followed by a game with him putting up 35 against LaMelo Ball and him jumping over (little push off but Nate Robinson did the same thing when he won a NBA dunk contest) a pair of 6'11" guys in a 2016 Dr Pepper dunk contest.