Can Streetballers Play “Real Basketball?”

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I'm sure you hear this a lot or maybe you are the one saying it: Streetballers can't play "real ball" or "organized ball."

We could go on all day trying to define "real" and "organized" but a good majority of the best guys you see on those And1 mixtapes and the Ballup tour that you think can only dunk with no defense being played or do fancy dribbling tricks if a ref isn't calling anything, actually played college ball, overseas and in competitions where they outplayed "pro" players.

Hugh Jones aka Baby Shaq has a resume that includes averaging 20 & 10 in college, playing overseas, Red Bull King of the Rock championship and a MVP title from the Goodman League.  Aaron Owens aka AO was a Division II All-American and then played pro ball in Israel and the D-League.  Renaldo Johnson aka Violator played seven years overseas and helped his college team win a Southern Conference Championship. Anthony Pimble aka Mr Afrika helped his junior college team win two consecutive conference championships. Special FX played at St. Johns and the list goes on and on.

So what about Grayson Boucher aka The Professor? That 5'10 white kid that probably doesn't weigh more than 150 pounds even with a Spiderman suit on.  Well, the video above shows The Professor playing in a D1 pro game in China against CBA pros with CBA rules.  I would say 25 points and 5 assists in this game means he can play "real" or "organized" ball.

Photos: Baby Shaq with Allen Iverson & posting up against Rafer Alston

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