Captain America has a mean crossover | Spiderman Basketball 3.5

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Ömer Aşık Dwight Howard

When we last left Grayson Boucher aka The Professor aka Peter Parker back in October, he was still killing ballers on the court while wearing his Spiderman outfit in Part 3 of the popular Spiderman plays Basketball series by Boucher and director Robert "Set Free" Monroe.  Last night on his website, Boucher dropped a teaser for Part4: Team Captain which comes out next Monday.

In the teaser we learn that Peter Parker has some new gadgets, Omer Asik is willing to play with the Washington Generals before playing with Dwight Howard and we get a glimpse of the ball handling skills Captain America has.

In the meantime as you patiently wait to see the latest ankle breakers by a bunch of Marvel Characters, I suggest you check out a few other vids like Part 3 "Symbiote Catch" along with our interview with The Professor here, this inspirational feature on The Professor called #BestYourself and of course this KFC promo that proves the Professor can beat you one-on-one no matter what he's wearing or doing and that includes eating fried chicken while playing.




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