Dennis Smith Jr & The Best Self Bounce Alley-Oop Dunks Ever

The dunk of the night goes to Dennis Smith Jr for his self bounce alley-oop during the final minutes of the Mavs victory over the Blazers. It was a nice exclamation mark on a good performance (18 PTS, 8 REBS, 8 ASTS) by the rookie. It was also another reminder of Steve Francis, who some compare Smith to and is the owner of maybe the most popular self bounce alley-oop ever.

Personally, I think Tony Allen had the best self bounce alley-oop -- back when he was a high-flying and offensive-minded Boston Celtic. Many of you might not remember this version of The Grindfather but Allen came into the league as a scorer. He told me the reason why he become such a good defender is because he needed to find a way (after tearing his ACL) to get minutes on the court with veteran greats like Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

This might also surprise you. The NBA player that made the self bounce alley-oop popular was Mark Jackson, the former point guard, Warriors coach and current TV analyst (Mama, there goes that man!). Back in his early days with the Knicks and Clippers, the former Rookie Of The Year pulled off the play a few times.


This wasn't in a NBA game but the self oop by 6'4" Angelo Sharpless at Ben Wallace's Pro-Am deserves a mention.