Documentary Short Film: The Process With JJ Redick

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It's easy to "hate" when you hear about a role player who has played 11 seasons without ever making the All-Star team getting a 1-year deal worth $23 million. It makes you want to bash the player, the team writing him the checks and the system that allows him to make that much money for "just putting a ball in the hole." If you are one of those people who thinks this way, you might have a different perspective after watching this video.

The Uninterrupted's must-see documentary short takes a look at free agency through the eyes of free agent JJ Redick, between the time of his final game with one team and the time he agreed to not only join another but to move his family across the US and leave everything he's built for the past four years.

"There's a sentiment among certain casual sports fans that professional athletes are robotic." Says Redick. "I would like to show the human side of how athletes make decisions."

Also worth mentioning is Redick has returned to the Podcast world with The Chronicles of Redick (great title referencing the not-so-great Riddick film with Vin Deisel). Podcast listeners might remember he had a great one with The Vertical last year. My favorite was when he and former battle rap legend Jensen Carp aka Hot Karl talked about the days of when Redick was a battle rapper (seriously). Here's a link to listen to the first episode of his new podcast with guest and Uninterrupted CEO Maverick Carter.