Evan Turner says “my bad” after saying “muuuthaaaaaf*******a” on live TV

“Yo, Mic Check. 1-2”

“Testing, Testing”


“Testing 1…2…3”

“Is this mic on”


One of those isn’t a common “mic check” but Evan Turner isn’t your common guy on the mic either. ¬†Today was media day for the NBA and when the 76ers Evans picked up a mic that he didn’t think was live during a live stream, he decided to give it a mic check with his interesting choice from the above phrases. ¬†When he realized his oops he delivered a classic “my bad.”

In honor of Evan, I’m showing the “motherfucking short version” of Pulp Fiction with the original “bad motherfucker” Samuel L Jackson

Shout out to king of Vince Carter clips Maxamillion for the vid.




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