Is it possible? Jonathan Clark attempts a 360 double between the legs dunk!

Last week we discussed The History of the 720 dunk, and despite rumors of players like Vince Carter and Jason Richardson being able to do it and other pro dunkers coming close, nobody but The Air Up There of Ball Up has actually been able to pull it off…and he pulled it off a few times!

One dunk which is thought to be impossible to execute, even by the Air Up There, is the 360 double between the legs dunks – yes that means going between the legs TWICE. During this past weekend’s Nike 3on3 Dunk Contest, high jumper Jonathan Clark attempted it, and when I say attempted, I don’t mean he just jumped in the air and did the hand motions like he was trying it. His attempt included the 360 and going between both legs.

Before this weekend, I would have told you that this dunk was impossible even on a 9 foot rim by a dunker like Clark or Air Up There.  But today, I feel like it is possible and just a matter of time until a dunker like Clark figures it out and pulls off the impossible.

Another angle by Dunkademics

If you want to see how high the UCLA track star can jump, check out this clip that would make Gerald Green proud.

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