Jason Kidd picks his All-Time Starting 5 & leaves off LeBron, Magic & Bird

New Brooklyn Net's head coach was on "The Dan Patrick Show" and was asked to name his all-time starting five.  His answer wont be as controversial as Karl Malone and his Jordanless Five that included Scottie Pippen and LeBron James but leaving off the most talented player today, LeBron, and picking Jordan's "sidekick" Scottie Pippen will serve as a catalyst for some more interesting barbershop talk.

PG-John Stockton

SG-Michael Jordan

SF-Scottie Pippen

PF-Tim Duncan

C-Shaquille O'Neal

When asked about LeBron, Kidd said,

Lebron…I mean I could play him at (center). Listen, Hakeem [Olajuwon, who Patrick would start over Shaq] is not bad and I’m leaving LeBron off right now. Those are two Hall of Fame guys and you can easily say they’re the best at their position.

Although I feel LeBron is a better player than Pippen, you can make a legit argument that Pip might be a better fit on this Dream Team than LeBron and that has to be the main criteria because that's the only way I'll accept Magic Johnson not being #1 on any list that requires a point guard.

One other person who might be in agreement with Kidd is the desperate for attention Dennis Rodman.  The Worm stated last week that he thinks LeBron would be "average" in the 80s and 90s.

Complex Mag said it best "Damn, no love for Bron Bron"

Source: Larry Brown Sports & Complex


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