"JUST DOIN' WHAT WE DO!!" Tyger Campbell & La Lumiere Drops Double Figures at Bass Pro ToC Debut!

Here's Tyger Campbell from La Lumiere basketball showing out against at their debut at Bass Pro Shop ToC. All five players dropped doubles against Glendale and finished out with the easy 91-65 victory to advance into the Semi-Finals of the tournament.

Tyger Campbell finished with 17 points, 6 assists, Emmanuel Miller with 19 points, Isaiah Steward led the team with 22 points, Charles Smith finished with 12, and Paxon Wojcik with 14.

Glendale was led by Monty Johal as he finished with 27 points.

Tyger will be facing Darius Garland and the Brentwood Academy in the Semi-finals so stay tune for the highlights.

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