Kevin Martin "I didn't know Kevin Love got traded until yesterday" (he was joking)

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Via Star Tribune

“I didn’t know Kevin Love got traded until yesterday,” Martin said with a straight face at Monday’s annual media day at Target Center that preceded a midnight start to training camp in Mankato. “I’m not big on looking at blogs and all that.”

My 6 year old who doesn't read blogs (or anything outside of level 1 reading books) and isn't even allowed to go on the internet unless she's on the Disney site and she knew about the Love trade. My mother-in-law from Miami who can only name 3 members of the Heat knew about Love joining LeBron.  So I refuse to believe Martin didn't know about the Love trade unless he literally was living under a rock but considering Martin lives in Ohio during the summer, I'm not even buying the rock story.

Then again, I'm always hearing stories about women who didn't know they were pregnant until they gave birth...I think I spend too much time on blogs and all that.

I also know that Martin was kidding.

Source: USA Today



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