Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan

Whether you love or hate him, there’s only one other player that can realistically be compared to Michael Jordan: Kobe Bryant. And that opinion is from Jordan himself.

Ever since Michael Jordan has retired, many have tried to find the hier to his throne. From Harold Miner to Jerry Stackhouse to Vince Carter even, many players have become pretenders to that throne.

There are and have been plenty of amazing athletes in the league, but nevertheless, no one has ever come close to what Kobe Bryant has done to deserve this comparison. All these years aping Jordan’s movements and skills has paid off, as Jordan himself acknowledges Bryant.

I am certain that someone out there reading this will have the nerve to even think about LeBron James at this point— perhaps a bandwagon fan for the most part. Many see LeBron James as a failure, when in reality he is one of the most talented athletes in the league right now. I will give him that much. But that’s really where it stops. Simple and plain, the reason why he is seen as such a fiasco is his inability to meet the examples set by Michael Jordan.

No doubt that Kobe Bryant does deserve this honorable recognition. But what I really would like to point out — which Kobe himself has pointed out before, is that even though he is being compared to the greatest to ever do it, and even if he does so happen to accomplish what Jordan has done in the MJ era, he was still the one to do it first. Which of course, makes Michael Jordan the greatest.


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