Kyran Bowman & Robert Colon Light Up ENC in Season Opener!

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Kyran Bowman

Article by: Charles Clark of

The Havelock vs Northside matchup on Tuesday night was definitely a show worth watching. This year’s game featured Havelock/Team Wall AAU senior guard Kyran “First 48” Bowman and Northside/Juice All-Stars senior point guard Robert Colon. Although these two were the headliners, the first quarter was an outstanding showing for Northside junior guard, Zach Hobbs. Hobbs knocked down a high number of treys from deep and would finish with 17 points in the first half.

Going into the game, we expected to see a show from Colon and Bowman and the two didn’t disappoint. Colon got it going early by knocking down the deep trey ball at a high rate while at the same time showing off his outstanding ball handling skills and court vision. He had quite a few plays where he made the crowd say ‘’Wow’’ even though the game was played in Havelock. At this point, Colon is very under-recruited but if keeps up this type of play that should change very soon. He would go on to finish the game with 27 points and 8 assist.

Kyran Bowman on the other hand, looked to get his teammates involved at the beginning of the game and as time went on he began to make his impact by scoring the basketball. He is an outstanding defender and came up with a high number of steals, blocks, and altered shots on the night. His athleticism is what makes crowds go crazy, and rightfully so, but he is also a much improved jump shooter which was on display Tuesday night. Kyran is still unsigned at this point. Colleges looking for a high energy, high flying guard that can defend should definitely give him a call. He finished with 32 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assist and 4 steals.
(article edited by Webb Wellman)