LaMelo Ball Scores 40, Dunks, Then Shows Off His Lonzo Shirt During LaVar Ball’s Head Coaching Debut

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Hours before the final Big Baller Brand Challenge in Lithuania, BC Vytatutas announced Assistant Coach LaVar Ball will be the HEAD COACH for their game against Jonava.

Minutes before the game, LaVar gave the team a motivational speech that rivals Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday and anything Kurt Russell (Miracle), Denzel Washington (Remember The Titans) or Gene Hackman (Hoosiers) ever said in a sports film: “Operation Beatdown: Run fast, have fun and let’s whoop dat ass!”

His boys did exactly that as LiAngelo scored 31 points and LaMelo showed out with a 40-point triple-double (11 rebounds & 10 assists).

The most fun moment of the game came in the third quarter, when Melo threw down an alley-oop from his brother, lifted his shirt like Baron Davis after murdering Ak-47 and revealed he was wearing a Lonzo Ball BBB shirt.

“Get Your Merch” yelled Melo to the cameras.

After we posted the clip to Twitter, Lonzo Ball replied to us with a screenshot of text messages from Melo (aka Dip Shit) saying he was going to do exactly what he did during the 151 (9 points less than the 160 LaVar promised)-120 victory.

“Instead of going to the movies, come watch this right here.” Said a very happy looking LaVar during the postgame conference. “It’s just entertainment and basketball is a heck of a product.

He also said Gelo had a little food poisoning but played because “you never leave your wingman hanging.”

Another memorable quote from the postgame included him saying “we got nothing but Uzis on this team and everybody got a lot of bullets.”

Considering the team shot 121 times, including 58 from three, I’m going to have to agree with the “lots of bullets” comment.