Master NBA impersonator does “that one point guard who never shoots the ball”

Granted Jason Kidd – nicknamed Ason Kidd early in his career – had the other 2 Js (Jimmy & Jamal) and guys like George McCloud and Tony Dumas to pass to in the 90s, but Kidd would often pass up on open shots or easy opportunities to score just to get the ball in the hands of one of his teammates. The same could be said about Mark Jackson in the 80s  and 90s and Rajon Rondo in the past decade.

Here’s master NBA impersonator BdotAdot5 doing his best impression of guards like Kidd, Rondo, Rubio & Nash who make people scream “shoot the damn ball.”

And here’s Bdot impersonating that guy you don’t want  on a team with a passing friendly point guard.