NBA Lockout Update: Still Nothing

Lockout negotiations between the NBA players and owners finished their second day of talks after almost 9 hours, bringing them to almost 25 hours of meetings over the past two days.

Federal mediator, George Cohen, who has been present in meetings the past few days, said negotiations would resume tomorrow at around 2 p.m. Eastern.

"The discussions have been direct and constructive, and as far as we are concerned, we are here to continue to help assist the parties to endeavor to reach an agreement," Cohen said.

Cohen was the only person to speak to the media. Representatives from both sides of the negotiations refused to comment after advice from Cohen.

Ken Berger of reported that Cohen "shed no new light on the status of talks. He emphasized importance of confidentiality."

While Cohen has no official power in this negotiations, he has urged both sides to not talk to the media and, so far, both sides have stuck to their word.

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reports that sources inside the meetings have said the sides are getting closer to agreeing on the split of the BRI (Basketball Related Income) but there may be differences regarding other system issues in the proposed collective bargaining agreement.

At least something is getting done. After 16 hours of negotiations on Tuesday night, Twitter was blown up with jokes using the #ReasonsForLongLockoutMeeting hashtag. Playing Jenga was a reasonable explanation after negotiations lasting that long with no solid outcome.

(Photo from @KamPashai on Twitter)


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