Ohio State's JaQuan Lyle Puts Victor Oladipo On Skates, Oladipo Responds With Game-Winner

Here's how Magic, Thunder and Ohio State fans reacted while watching this video of Ohio State point guard JaQuan Lyle and new Thunder guard Victor Oladipo from the CP3 camp.

10 Second Mark: Lyle vs Oladipo
Thunder fans: Watch our new shooting guard shut down this kid
Magic fans: We already miss Oladipo
Ohio State Fans:

15 Second Mark: Lyle puts Oladipo on skates
Thunder fans: Damn! We should have kept Ibaka. We can live with Waiters.
Magic Fans: LOL! Ibaka would have swatted that $#it
Ohio State Fans: Daaaaammmmmn! We got a star guard in JaQuan Lyle.
Chris Paul: I did that to Steph Curry!

32 Second Mark: Oladipo responds with a game-winning shot
Thunder fans: Hell yeah! We got a new big 3 with Durant (hopefully), Westbrook (at least for 1 more year) and Oladipo.
Magic Fans: Why did we make that trade again?
Ohio State Fans: Go Cavs and Buckeyes!
Chris Paul: I'm glad you redeemed yourself. Let me end this before you get embarrassed again.

40 Second Mark: ?
Everybody: Let's pretend we didn't see that!



Here's a couple of clips for former and new Oladipo fans in Orlando and OKC.