Skip Bayless' 17-Minute Rant About Zaza Pachulia's "Dirty" Defense That Caused Kawhi Leonard's Injury

When Kawhi Leonard left Game 1 with an injury in the third quarter, the Spurs were up 78-55 and Leonard was the game's leading scorer and rebounder. Without him on the floor, the Warriors caught fire, had the biggest comeback ever against a Coach Pop team and ended up winning 113-111.

After the game, Leonard was asked if he thought Zaza Pachulia intentionally stepped under him on the play that caused the injury. As expected, the man Coach Fizdale called a robot, responded with an emotionless "no" but also said he hasn't seen the play.

Zaza was asked the same question and as expected, the man with a not-so-clean resume thought it was a "really stupid" one.

Also unexpected was Durant backing his teammate by saying he's not dirty, the Warriors aren't dirty and people on Twitter are "irrational (very true)," while Steph Curry nodded his head up and down and side to side to echo KD's words.


Spurs fan Skip Bayless was a little more talkative about the incident. He took to his Facebook page to give a 17-minute rant about how sickened he was by the game and how he thinks the "hockey goon" Zaza intentionally stepped on the foot of Kawhi.