Steph Curry Throws Down a Reverse Dunk at His Basketball Camp + Best Curry Family Dunks

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I’m not sure why people get so excited when 6’3 Stephen Curry dunks but the internet is buzzing about Curry pulling off a basic reverse dunk off the bounce at his basketball camp on Friday. He always does the reverse dunk at camps.

He can even do a basic windmill. 

And he does dunk in games – just ask Kyle Lowry.

OK,.the dunk wasn’t going to be that special but Kyle came in at the last second and made it a good dunk. The same thing happened to his Dad when Don Reid tried to block him from behind.

Even Curry’s now famous daughter, Riley, has been dunking since she was 1 years old.

As for Curry’s wife, Ayesha, she’s Steph Curry with the shot…not hops.