Rachel Nichols Shuts Down Brian Windhorst On Live TV After He Says “LeBron Is Sliding Into Rachel’s DMs”

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This wasn’t as awkward as the time ESPN’s Brian Windhorst appeared to fall asleep during a live TV conversation with Cari Champion, but it might funnier.

On a recent episode of The Jump with the Rachel Nichols, Windhorst – the man who seems to always know what LeBron is doing and will do – said LeBron stopped following him on Twitter, but still follows Nichols. He then joked that LeBron is “sliding into Rachel’s DMs” which led to great reactions from everyone at the table: Vince pounded the table and  gave his cousin, T-Mac, an uncomfortable look; McGrady leaned back cracking up while holding his stomach; an offended Rachel immediately responded with, “that’s not true and not something appropriate to say on television. Take that back please.”

Windhorst took it back and then had to admit he doesn’t even know what “slide into the DMs” means.

“This is because Brian doesn’t exactly know what that phrase means. Right?” Asked Nichols. “Am I correct in that?”

“I guess I don’t,” Windhorst replied. “Based on your reaction, I would say that I don’t.”

Although Nichols was smiling when the show went into a break, I’m sure she made Windhorst feel almost as bad as he felt when he realized LeBron unfollowed him.