Warriors Pacers NBA Brawl - Hibbert & Lee shoving match

How funny that the day we post an "out of character" video of Roy Hibbert getting mad at the Waterboy he takes it to another level and gets into a brawl fight.   Now brawl fight makes it sound much worse than it really was.  What it was was a shoving match between David Lee and Roy Hibbert and then Steph Curry played the role of Jeff Van Gundy by trying to go for a leg during a brawl.

Although it wasn't that bad, I wouldn't be surprised if David Stern handed out a suspension to Roy Hibbert for tossing around those "light skinned guys."

”Seriously, I didn’t even feel him,”
”I saw some light-skinned guy. I don’t know if it was Klay Thompson or Steph Curry, I just knew there was a light-skinned guy by me.” - Roy Hibbert on Steph Curry holding his leg



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