Wilt Chamberlain Had An Unstoppable Fadeaway Jump Shot...YES HE DID!

Everything Wilt Chamberlain did on and off the court belonged in either the Guinness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe It or Not books. Forget the women and the 100 point game from his 1962 season, when he averaged 50 points and 26 rebounds - we all know about that. Forget about how he averaged 48.53 minutes a game for a season or that he led the league in assists during an MVP season - those are pretty well known too.  Forget that he had 42 points and 29 rebounds in his college debut or that he once averaged 80 points a game for a week during his senior year at high school - as shocking as those numbers are, they probably don't shock you.

What I want you to remember from this day on when people mention Wilt -- who was the best athlete to ever step on a NBA court -- is that he had a FADEAWAY JUMPER. Yes, the 7'1 center was not just overpowering smaller defenders and dunking on them; Wilt had an unstoppable fadeaway jump shot like Dirk. Wilt was hitting the bank shot 30 years before Tim Duncan made his first bank shot in the NBA. Wilt could catch the ball from outside the paint, spin away from a double team and hit a fadeaway jump shot.

Hopefully, I've said it enough times so the next time somebody tries to say Wilt was able to average 38 points as a rookie or 50 in his 3rd season is just because he was so much bigger and stronger than his competition, you can say his offensive repertoire was much more than that.

FYI, If you aren't impressed with what a young Wilt could do in the 60s, remember a 45 year old Wilt was offered a contract by the Cavs in 1980 and the Nets even tried to sign him when he turned 50 in 1985 - when great centers like Hakeem, Moses Malone and Patrick Ewing were playing.